Getting the Best out of Your Tadalafil

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not an easy condition to have as not only is this embarrassing to have for any men, but it also has the capacity to ruin their outlook in life.  Let’s face it, if you are a man and you lose your natural ability to have sex because of impotence, it is likely that you will be depressed about it and lose your confidence over subjects relating to sex.  Then again, men with ED these days are rather fortunate because there are now ED drugs they can use in order to give their penises the momentary erectile strength so they can participate in sexual intercourse.

One of the more popular drugs in the ED market these days is tadalafil.  This drug comes in 5mg, 10mg, and tadalafil 20mg doses.  This drug was initially manufactured by Eli Lilly under the brand Cialis.  The Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved the use of this drug since November of 2003.  Since its release, it has satisfied a lot of men with erectile dysfunction and many more are discovering the awesomeness of the ED treatment drug called tadalafil.

What makes tadalafil popular among those who have male penile impotence is that the overall effective duration of the drug lasts up to 36 hours.  This is far more than what other ED drugs in the market can offer.  In fact, the next longest duration of an ED drug is only 10 hours, not anywhere near what tadalafil can offer.  Add this to the fact that it works on nearly 80% of patients, giving it a high rating of efficacy among other ED medications.

Tadalafil, like other ED treatment drugs, belong to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. Although they may have different active ingredients, their basic function is the same and that is to help the muscle inside the penis to relax so blood can be pumped through the cavities and therefore gain an erection.

The normal dose your doctor will give you with this drug is 10mg.  However, he may adjust this dosage according to what he sees fit based on the diagnosis of your condition.  If your doctor decides to prescribe you with tadalafil 20mg, make sure that you follow the directions of your doctor properly and take only tadalafil 20mg.  If you think that tadalafil 20mg may be too much for you, or perhaps too little, make sure not to make any self-adjustment on the dosaging and simply take the tadalafil 20mg you have been prescribed with.  If you really feel that that tadalafil 20mg dosaging given to you does not suit you or you have certain concerns, try visiting your doctor again for reassessment.

Even though tadalafil 20mg has 36-hours of effective duration, it does not mean that you cannot take this drug daily.  For men wanting to have a normal sex life, they can actually take the drug on a daily basis.  In order to avoid overdose, make sure to consult your doctor regarding this matter so any dosage adjustments regarding your wanting to use the drug daily may be given.  When you are taking tadalafil on a daily basis, it means you will have the capacity to participate in sex with your sexual partner any time you want to without having to wait for the onset of action of the drug.

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